Anthony David - Photography
What my clients say about me

“Anthony David is a real professional and really easy to work with. Always on time, listened to all suggestions and requests we made and delivered the final pictures on time. Would work with him in the future for sure.”


Working with Anthony David was a professional experience from start to finish.  After scoping our needs and listening to our brief, Anthony delivered finished pictures that truly represent our brand and exceed our expectations. The photography is stunning, the project management throughout the creative process was superb and the images are something we are proud to showcase to our audiences. He did an excellent work in our commercial exhibition. We have a great cooperation for about 6 years and he always meet our expectations and requests.


We had a great experience working with Anthony. The photos are great and capture the personality and spirit of the projects. The pictures are fresh and according to our guidelines which were very strict. It was so difficult to pick our favourite pictures, with so many great ones to choose from. He is dedicated to provide you with the highest quality photos of your event. We look forward to working with you again!

Athens Mini Maker Faire

Anthony is an exceptional photographer and a true artist. Every task he delivered was a special artistic creation. We are co-operating since 2012.

The Ritzy

Anthony is very coherent, helpful and gentle person. His job is beautiful and of great quality. I am very happy with our cooperation.


“Professional, accurate, with attention to detail, creative and above all positive. Anthony is one of the guys you want to get to know and work with. Cheers!”


“Anthony is a true pro in a world of amateurs and mediocrity where almost everyone call himself/herself “a photographer”. What really amazed me when we did the shooting was the fact that we didn’t have to talk a lot, you know how it is, like ” do this, do that, stand there” , the usual stuff that happens in most of the shootings. It was floating like water and i’d definitely work with him again. Oh and bring back those Errika Nassen’s photos!”

George Fakinos – Second Skin Club

“A real professional. He captures the energy of the moment at our gigs . Pays attention to detail, his work has quality, he’s friendly and easy to cooperate with. We will work together again for sure!”

7Sins Club

“This is professionalism at it’s finest. Thumbs up for quality…”

Devasoundz Studios

“Good mood and flawless co-operation. When we began designing the website, we wanted to have unique aesthetic results. We needed a notable photographer, so we found Anthony’s phone number via a common friend who gave us the best references. When we came in touch with him, we explained that we wanted a special photo shoot with attitude and concept. He gladly accepted the challenge. Not only was he flawless in our co-operation, but he was willing to do a second photo shoot when we asked him to. We’re very satisfied with the quality of his job and his very competitive prices. Anthony we wish you always to be successful in what you do and we’ll definitely need you in our future projects.”


“Every co-operation with Anthony David means a lot to me, but above all, I could describe him as an open minded person with strict and high demands on himself and his work. The result of each photo shoot could only lead to what we call “a perfection of natural facts”. Punctuality with an attention to detail, combined with a friendly smile, always add amazingly positive vibrations to the atmosphere while creating amazing images. That’s what Anthony is above all: a positive man with a truly kind and high self esteem which he knows very well how to pass it on to the models while photo shooting. I wish him all the best for him and his career.”

Zirconia Starfighter

“After several times that we have worked together with mr Antony David, I can truly say that I had a very qualified and professional guy by my side, capable enough to manage the project that I gave him through the end! Very responsible and friendly person with an artistic point of view! We will definitely work together again in the future!!!”

Nektarios Poulakos

“Anthony’s work is amazing! His photos are the ones we used on our website, and some other times we used them as a promo. We will keep using them! What I create through music, he captures.”


Anthony is an exceptional professional photographer that just gets the job done. He has a keen eye for detail and always delivers great results no matter how hard or complex the task is.

What my Students say about me