About Me Anthony David Photography
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About Me

Hello, I am Anthony David. I am a photographer.

My name is Anthony and I was born in Athens-Greece. I always had this habit of taking photos of things and people. This habit started to get more intense when I bought my first super zoom compact camera back in 2006.


It started as a hobby, you know, shooting friends, objects, animals, places etc. After a few years of studying, practicing and talking with fellow photographers I bought my first DSLR and then my second and so on… My hobby had become my profession!


Now I make a living out of making photos and I am also teaching others on how to improve their skills in photography. Learning never stops with photography, so I also learn new things every day and I believe that’s something magical!


Photography is an endless journey of learning and evolving new ways to capture the best light, the best angle and most of all the best moment that will add the special ingredient of feeling in the right shots.

“Photography is a way of life. It’s more than just a profession. It’s the means I am using to give immortality to every person, moment and feeling. It’s a way to travel back in time and live loved moments again using all the basic five senses. Photography is life.”

Anthony David, 2017