About Me Anthony David Photography
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Anthony David is a professional photographer with over 15 years of experience and he is known for his unique perspective, his attention to detail and his great color processing. He has collaborated with many Greek companies such as cowboytv, devasoundz studios, Horostasio, Uncle Chronis Tattoo, Bostik Hellas, Esoptron Publications, Kazantzakis Publications, PCMAG Greece and many others.


Anthony specializes in many photography genres including portraiture, product photography, interior workspaces photography and event & conference photography. You will also find Anthony’s artistic side in this portfolio website which includes fine art photography, street photography, live music photography and various special events photography.


He is also known for his photography training skills. He has created a unique photography training system which he calls “photo coaching”. Photo Coaching is a system that allows the trainee to learn more in less time as it focuses more on the practical applications rather than boring never-ending theory classes. Photo coaching training services are hosted on a separate training site photocoaching.gr.


Apart from commercial photography and photography training, Anthony helps aspiring photographers through his YouTube channel which is “AnthonyDavidPhoto” in which he has been sharing photography tips and advice for more than 5 years.


He has also created a photographic community on Facebook which is called “Photo Coaching Community” and its goal is to help its members with advice on questions regarding photography or photographic equipment. Photo Coaching community is also a place where people who love photography can talk with each other, or have fun on the frequent live meetings that are organized by Anthony.


Feel free to check Anthony David’s portfolio and enjoy the quality, the passion and the love with which is photo was created. This is what photography means to Anthony in his own words:


“Photography is a way of life. It’s more than just a profession. It’s the means I am using to give immortality to every person, moment and feeling. It’s a way to travel back in time and live loved moments again using all the basic five senses. Photography is life.” (Anthony David 2017)