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Event Photography

Action & gaming events photography

A quite demanding kind of photography that combines portraiture, photo journalism and storytelling. It requires fast thinking and precision in order to capture every single crucial moment of the event. My job is to communicate all the action, the feeling and the atmosphere of the event, to the eyes of the viewers; a second part of my job is to give to anyone that was there, the opportunity to relive moments of the action!

Conference & product presentation photography

This is the kind of event that requires professionalism, fast thinking and artistic talent, in order to capture the special moments of the event and be able to bring the best out of each photo that is created. Although it’s not fast-paced as a gaming event, it does need the full attention of the photographer and the skill that will lead to great photos.

Dance and music events

This is the kind of event that is also fast-paced like the aforementioned gaming events but it’s even more demanding, since my job is to capture individual portraits of the people that dance or perform. There is no time or option to guide someone to pose in a specific way that’s why experience and skill are mandatory in order to achieve a good quality result.

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