Product Photography - Anthony David Photography
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Product Photography

Cocktail & drinks photography

This kind of photos are used both as promo material and as a decoration. The goal is to present a unique perspective of each product with special lighting that is created depending on the result that we need to achieve.

Food & dishes photography

Food photography is a quite demanding kind of photography, because the goal is to maintain realism and light the product properly in order to make each ingredient stand out. The difficult part is that food doesn’t stay the same as the time passes so, the photographer has to know what he’s doing and act fast in order to capture the food in its best state.

Studio product photography

In a studio environment, things can be more controllable compared to a photoshoot that takes place in a natural environment. We can create anything we want and defy the laws of physics, since we can manipulate the shots in order to achieve a jaw-dropping result that will look real but it will be a product of artistic inspiration and photo manipulation skills.

Book now if you want your product photos to stand out

If you are interested in a photo shoot of your products, you can book an appointment so that we can arrange all the necessary details that will give you top quality photos that will gain the attention of even the most demanding consumers.